I Wonder

I Wonder

Recently I sat across from a woman I never met and allowed myself to be fully seen. This may sound strange to some of you but it was an exercise. I did not know her and she did not know me. But after 10 minutes she would know more about me than most people in my life.


We were asked to answer a series of questions. Some were easy to answer. Others were not. I felt vulnerable but safe. My walls came down and in that moment in my surrender and vulnerability, she saw me. Not the mother, the wife, the daughter or friend. But me.

We all have walls. They are built up over time to keep us safe and from allowing us to hurt to much. They become higher after pain, loss, heartbreak, disappointment, betrayal and trauma. They build up brick by brick. Sometimes we are so guarded behind the walls we create we can start to project onto others. We get angry, sad, bitter, judgmental and tough. We forget that under it all, before all the walls we bathed in love, joy and ease. Our natural state of being. And when we feel safe enough it shines through. When we start to break down the walls and the more we do to “unbuild” them the more love, joy and acceptance flows through.

To Heal we must Feel Quote by Tim Morrison

It got me thinking, imagine if we all held space for everyone we met in life, like she held space for me.  If we could see them fully without judgment. If we could see past the stories we create, the judgments we pass, the projections we cast. The conditioning, the environment and our education that formed our opinions.

But just saw them, accepted them (whether they were conscious of their behavior or not) and while we gazed at them we saw ourselves reflected back. Whether it be good or bad, whether it was light or dark. I wonder if we realized that just by being alive we are all connected.

How different our lives may be?

And if the problems we think we have are really problems at all or perhaps they are opportunities to turn inward and take a closer look because love, joy and ease are begging to come back out?

I wonder.

Stormy xx

*please note I’m not talking about destructive/abusive behavior of any kind. That is never ok.

The workshop I attended was Cacao Embrace

My LASIK Surgery Experience

My LASIK Surgery Experience

So as promised I finally got around to putting this on the blog for you!

I had to get glasses in early 2016 when I noticed I was having trouble seeing street signs and things in the distance clearly. My girlfriend said to try on her glasses once when we were out shopping and I was so amazed at how clear everything was!

So I went to OPSM and I got my script, glasses and contact lenses. I spent the next 2 years with no issues but I found contact lenses made my eyes so dry and sore and wearing glasses all the time for distance was becoming annoying.

So I decided since Xavi was older, sleeping well and I was only feeding him in the morning for comfort I went in for a free consult, mid/late last year 2017.

If you are considering LASIK they refer you if your script has not changed for at least 1 year prior. Mine had been stable for almost 2 years.

So I booked in my procedure for October and never gave it another thought. I didn’t even do much research on the procedure as I didn’t want to over think it. I did however speak to people that had it done and outcomes were amazing! I was so excited!

I booked in with Dr Robert Paul

The day came around and that morning I was nervous. I was told I would need around 1 hour there and I had to be dropped off and picked up. I was sitting in the waiting room and there were 2 people ahead of me and 2 people who had already been through. They were wearing goggles that were taped onto their face. They were walking fine and seemed in no pain or discomfort.

My turn came and the nurse took me through to go through the procedure and give me some relaxant tablets. She explained everything to me, there would be 2 phases and although I did to start to feel more nervous at that stage, it helped to know that you don’t feel anything because your eyes are numb.

So first I went to one room with a bed and a big machine. I lay down and Dr Paul and nurses are talking and everyone is light hearted and friendly. Some drops are put into your eyes to make them numb and the machine is positioned over your head and eyes. At this stage your eyes are held open a little but you don’t notice at all! They give you some little stress balls to play with to keep you occupied.

Dr Paul asks you to just look at the flashing lights. That is your only job. The machine then beeps and counts down and within seconds the first phase is complete. This phase is to create a tiny flap in your eye surface. No pain, no discomfort but your eyes feel a little blurry.

Then you are helped up to walk to the next room with a bed and similar machine. The same process happened. Flashing lights, count down and a quick beep and we are done. The second phase which is the correction is complete. There was a slight smell at that stage too. Then he cleans your eyes and put lots of drops on, followed by some trendy goggles that you have to wear for 24 hours until you see him the next day.

I felt fine! No pain no discomfort. Hubby picked me up and I went home to sleep most of the afternoon and early to bed that night. In the morning I went back of the check up. Goggles off and I could see so clearly! It was amazing! I did however have a little discomfort in my right eye, it felt like an eyelash was caught. But by the next day it was gone. Just part of the healing for some people. My left eye was perfect.

I had over 20/20 vision in my left and 20/20 in my right.

The next month you do have to be careful with rubbing eyes, no water in them and using all your drops as recommended. Its been 3 months now and every now and then my eyes get dry and red but I just use lubricating drops.

I would highly recommend it to anyone!! I even went and bought some new sunglasses to wear to celebrate and I so happy with the outcome!

Happy to answer any questions you may have!