The First Six Weeks

Six weeks has passed already! It’s amazing how quick the time goes! I wanted to share some of my learnings so far.

Postpartum healing

The first 2 weeks for me were the most difficult with healing. I was very impatient with pain and I had a natural delivery that also involved an episiotomy. What helped me was the perineum spray and padsticles that I made myself. I also used ice and painkillers that were safe while breastfeeding. I had a donut to sit on to help with pressure and I used the perineum spray after going to the toilet. By day 15 the pain was 90% better and by 3 weeks I would say I had no pain.


I have my mother in law staying with us to help me and I cannot stress enough how much she has helped me. It’s imperative to have a support network for those first few weeks especially! You are healing, you will be sore, bruised, emotional and may be in pain. Then you have a new little human you are trying to look after. You are also trying to figure out feeding, sleep deprivation and adapting to your new life! If you can and if it’s an option, organize as much help as you can for as long as you can. Washing, chores, eating, showering and looking after yourself becomes a little bit of a luxury. You are able to do all these things if you have help.


I chose to breastfeed and thankfully my baby and I were able to make it work well for us. Although the first few days resulted in really sore nipples, blisters and I was in pain. I asked for a shield to help me initially and you do have access to a women’s physio that can give you laser therapy on your nipples! It doesn’t hurt and I got 3 sessions at the hospital – a few days later I had no pain and my nipples were healed! I thoroughly enjoy breastfeeding now. You can seek any women’s health physio for this service. I also use the shield every now and then when my baby cluster feeds.

Sleep Deprivation

You will be okay and you will sleep again. You still get to sleep it just may be broken up. Your body helps you by producing hormones to assist your ability to adapt. Some nights baby will sleep more and others less. It will pass and you will feel rested again.

The app “The Winder Weeks” is amazing. It’s great to know when your baby is experiencing developmental leaps and what to expect and what you can do to help your baby.

Postpartum Body

Your body will look different, you will still have a belly after birthing your bub but it will shrink slowly. I chose to use a belly support from Mamaway Your boobs will become bigger once your milk comes in ( usually takes 3-5 days) and you can feel hot and engorged. It may also feel like your getting the flu. When you breastfeed you may feel tummy pain! This is your uterus shrinking back into place. It will pass. Going to the toilet is not as scary as you may think. Just be patient and take your time. A cooling perineum spray or spritz bath will be soothing afterwards.

Baby Clothes

I used lots of zippy wonder suits those first few weeks! Buy ones with built in mittens and socks – even easier! I also loved separate tops and bottoms for sleep time. That way if baby needs a diaper charge during the night you don’t have to fully undress them. I also loved the Love to Dream sleep suits for sleep time and I used the Cocoonababy to help baby sleep and it’s easily portable to move around!

Let me know in comments if you wanted me to cover any other topics!


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