I Wonder

I Wonder

Recently I sat across from a woman I never met and allowed myself to be fully seen. This may sound strange to some of you but it was an exercise. I did not know her and she did not know me. But after 10 minutes she would know more about me than most people in my life.


We were asked to answer a series of questions. Some were easy to answer. Others were not. I felt vulnerable but safe. My walls came down and in that moment in my surrender and vulnerability, she saw me. Not the mother, the wife, the daughter or friend. But me.

We all have walls. They are built up over time to keep us safe and from allowing us to hurt to much. They become higher after pain, loss, heartbreak, disappointment, betrayal and trauma. They build up brick by brick. Sometimes we are so guarded behind the walls we create we can start to project onto others. We get angry, sad, bitter, judgmental and tough. We forget that under it all, before all the walls we bathed in love, joy and ease. Our natural state of being. And when we feel safe enough it shines through. When we start to break down the walls and the more we do to “unbuild” them the more love, joy and acceptance flows through.

To Heal we must Feel Quote by Tim Morrison

It got me thinking, imagine if we all held space for everyone we met in life, like she held space for me.  If we could see them fully without judgment. If we could see past the stories we create, the judgments we pass, the projections we cast. The conditioning, the environment and our education that formed our opinions.

But just saw them, accepted them (whether they were conscious of their behavior or not) and while we gazed at them we saw ourselves reflected back. Whether it be good or bad, whether it was light or dark. I wonder if we realized that just by being alive we are all connected.

How different our lives may be?

And if the problems we think we have are really problems at all or perhaps they are opportunities to turn inward and take a closer look because love, joy and ease are begging to come back out?

I wonder.

Stormy xx

*please note I’m not talking about destructive/abusive behavior of any kind. That is never ok.

The workshop I attended was Cacao Embrace

Home Activity Idea’s

Home Activity Idea’s

So in light of current world events I thought I would compile a list of different and fun activities to do at home! In the event that you choose or need to stay inside for a little while.

I know it’s a strange time in the world right now but it will be okay! So lets turn this into a positive! Instead of feeling nervous about having to spend more time at home or in some cases you may need to stay home for 14 days, lets view it as some forced family and relaxation time! Time to do some things that you have always wanted to do!

I have made some fun suggestions under headings for Mum, Dad and kids but really they are activity ideas for everyone! Try some out from each!

For Mum

  • Do a hair/face mask
  • Try new hairstyle every day! You can YouTube different style and master them!
  • Test out a new makeup look
  • Paint your nails/ toes yourself
  • Give your self a pedicure
  • Spray tan
  • Learn to mediate (Try the CALM app)
  • Practice and learn Belly breathing
  • Learn some Yoga poses
  • Do at home workouts (Try HASfit  official )
  • Download some podcasts
  • Download or start reading some books
  • Create a vision board
  • Plan your next holiday
  • Create your own Spotify play list
  • Learn a dance move
  • Try out the air fryer/slow cooker or try a new recipe
  • Try some adult colouring in books
  • Do some gardening – create a herb garden
  • Create a succulent arrangement
  • Finish your kid’s baby books!
  • Refold all your clothes drawers and create a donate/selling pile
  • De clutter under your sink and ensuite/bathroom
  • Create and/or order labels
  • Re arrange all your kitchen cupboards and drawers
  • De clutter and refold your linen cupboard
  • Deep clean your couches/carpets
  • Re arrange your bedroom
  • Re arrange your kids rooms
  • Organise your pantry
  • De clutter your bedside table drawers
  • Take photos and start uploading all the things you want to sell
  • De clutter your wardrobe
  • Organise your fridge
  • Start a Blog
  • Bake a cake and decorate it
  • Watch a TED talk
  • Organise your car boot
  • Write a poem
  • Write your gratitudes
  • Start journaling
  • Create some online photo albums for the kids
  • Download TikTok and figure that out
  • Do an online course
  • Make a cookbook and turn it into a fun scrapbook
  • Toilet Train your toddler!
  • Delete phone apps you no longer use
  • Dance to some 80s music!! Oh yeaaaaa
  • Make breakfast in bed and serve it with a flower
  • Have a nap
  • De clutter your following list!
  • Make your own room spray with essential oils
  • Research a hobby
  • Create a Pinterest board
  • Clean make up brushes

For Kids

Apart from playing with toys you can try the following! 

  • Do a treasure hunt or hide toys for them to find
  • Camp in the lounge room or outside
  • Make a fort with pillow and blankets
  • Gardening
  • Bake some cookies and decorate
  • Create a sink and float experiment
  • Finger painting
  • Colour sorting with Lego or blocks
  • Slime or Play-Doh (You can make your own)
  • Colour some rice
  • Blow bubbles
  • Add shaving cream into a tub and bury some objects
  • Create a sensory box full of different household items and rice
  • Create a toy/car wash and wash toys
  • Make milkshakes or fresh juice
  • Indoor/outdoor bowling with plastic bottles and a tennis ball
  • Have a dance party
  • Play with blocks and make towers
  • Make some paper masks
  • Drawing and Painting on butchers paper
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Have a picnic outside
  • Create some kraft or sticky collage
  • Water gun fun outside
  • Do a puzzle
  • Have fun with a cardboard box
  • Place pompoms into a small bottle and fill it up
  • Make a bed in the lounge room and watch a movie
  • Draw the alphabet on paper and use plastic alphabet cookie cutters to match up the letters
  • Have a bath with lego
  • Play dress ups
  • Freeze some small toys in a block of ice, you can use an ice-cream container, then use a kids watering can to melt it out slowly
  • Collect rocks/sticks and things from outside
  • Scooter/bike/basketball/skipping outside
  • Leave some toys out in different locations for when they wake up as a surprise
  • Play hide and seek
  • Use tongs to pick up and sort toys
  • Wrap up puzzle pieces individually with paper and have them unwrap and make the puzzle
  • Fishing Game! Make a fishing rod from stick /string and a magnet and draw/cut out paper fish and attach paper clips. Kids can colour in the fish too or even use kids small steel toys
  • Have them clean/wash outside windows with soapy water and squeegee
  • Paper machei’ on a balloon
  • Build a Cubby

For Dad 

  • Catch up on household chores
  • Learn some stretches or yoga
  • Tidy the garage
  • De clutter and arrange tools
  • Clean the barbecue
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Clean the gutters
  • Wash the bins
  • Research and learn a new skill
  • Learn a few words of a new language
  • Play board games
  • Learn to play chess
  • Wash the car
  • Play a new video games
  • Watch a new movie
  • Design your dream home
  • Learn how to read/play the stock market
  • Catch up on office work/filing
  • Learn how to dance
  • Make your partner a coffee in bed
  • Learn how to make the bed including where the 7 pillows go
  • Make something you have always wanted to
  • Make fresh bread from scratch
  • Wash sneakers and shine shoes
  • Colour coordinate your wardrobe
  • Start a puzzle
  • Relax
  • Have a sleep in
  • Start a new Netflix series


Let me know which activities you try!! xx







“Fussy” Toddler’s

“Fussy” Toddler’s

Welcome to the fun world of feeding a toddler! Sometimes “Toddler” and “Food” don’t go together as easy as we would like.

We all want our toddlers to eat healthy foods, so we know we are giving them the best possible start to life. A healthy range of vegetables, fruits, proteins, calcium, minerals and vitamins. It sounds so simple and sometimes it is, but I often hear how hard it can be and the term “Fussy Toddler” is used so much these days. I also use it. In fact I have a “Fussy Toddler”.

But what does this mean? They are not eating the foods you want them to right? Really the label is quite unfair, they are little humans, learning about what tastes good and what doesn’t, at that particular time. Some babies love everything! Some babies do not. They are free to pick and choose, just as we are with what we eat. But the question is what can we do to help them love all the good things?

Firstly I am no expert and this blog is just my opinion and observation. Most parents worry their toddler isn’t eating the right foods. We often cook away amazing dishes in hopes our little ones will gobble it up, only for them to turn their noses up at it or clamp their mouths shut.

It can be a very frustrating and distressing phases – if we let it be. I have been through this and right now I am still going through it to some degree!

So what can we do?

First understanding the basic facts. Your toddlers will eat if they are hungry. They will not starve themselves. They have a built in survival mechanism. Behaviour phases and food phases are closely linked. Also they are the best regulators of their appetite.

If you feel stressed about your toddler not eating the food you prepared, if you are hovering over them telling them to eat, if you feel anxious when it comes to meal times and you are anticipating a struggle – guess what? They feel it too. I also found the older they get the more clued on they get.

So first step is to take it down a notch. Don’t stress, don’t worry and get yourself into a calm and relaxed frame of mind. Food time can be fun!

Offer lots of variety. If you are past the puree phase you will be into finger foods and general foods. Toddlers can eat what you eat, with some exceptions to choking hazards foods (Raw vegetables, sausages, whole grapes etc.)

One thing I love to do is a mini grazing platter! I offer a range of foods (usually 5) and with at least 2 things I know they will eat. The idea is exposure. Sometimes they will try it, snub it, feel it or throw it! All of these things are normal. Then one-day the food they avoid may be the food they try! Try different sandwich fillings, cut up different fruit, oven bake your vegetables for different flavour, make omelettes or mini quiches, make healthy muffins and slices, dice cheese with some dried fruit, try different cooked pasta shapes, rice cakes, scrambled egg or yoghurt with fruit! Also I love to use shape cutters! Its a great way to serve food with some fun and learning!

Another idea I love is making fresh juices. I add in some fruit and lots of vegetables like celery, carrot, cucumber, zucchini, beetroot etc. When it’s mixed in with apples and oranges it all tastes yummy. Get your minis to help you to! Having them involved with food prep is fun and learning for them. I also add in some vitamins, powdered collagen and greens to give the juice an extra boost.

Toddlers also do what they see. Are you sitting down and eating with them? I find that when I sit down at the table and eat a small amount ( if its not your meal time) then they are more likely to sit longer and try more! Try not to talk about eating or food, instead talk about daily things. This takes the pressure of them to eat.

Also, are they grazing the whole day? I have a grazer. But we can’t expect them to sit and eat a full meal if the were snacking half hour ago! I had just implemented no snacking after 4pm so it gives them the best chance to consume dinner.

So to recap; DE stress, Have fun, Platters, Juices, Variety without pressure to consume, Keep an eye on snacking times.

I hope this helps!


My LASIK Surgery Experience

My LASIK Surgery Experience

So as promised I finally got around to putting this on the blog for you!

I had to get glasses in early 2016 when I noticed I was having trouble seeing street signs and things in the distance clearly. My girlfriend said to try on her glasses once when we were out shopping and I was so amazed at how clear everything was!

So I went to OPSM and I got my script, glasses and contact lenses. I spent the next 2 years with no issues but I found contact lenses made my eyes so dry and sore and wearing glasses all the time for distance was becoming annoying.

So I decided since Xavi was older, sleeping well and I was only feeding him in the morning for comfort I went in for a free consult, mid/late last year 2017.

If you are considering LASIK they refer you if your script has not changed for at least 1 year prior. Mine had been stable for almost 2 years.

So I booked in my procedure for October and never gave it another thought. I didn’t even do much research on the procedure as I didn’t want to over think it. I did however speak to people that had it done and outcomes were amazing! I was so excited!

I booked in with Dr Robert Paul

The day came around and that morning I was nervous. I was told I would need around 1 hour there and I had to be dropped off and picked up. I was sitting in the waiting room and there were 2 people ahead of me and 2 people who had already been through. They were wearing goggles that were taped onto their face. They were walking fine and seemed in no pain or discomfort.

My turn came and the nurse took me through to go through the procedure and give me some relaxant tablets. She explained everything to me, there would be 2 phases and although I did to start to feel more nervous at that stage, it helped to know that you don’t feel anything because your eyes are numb.

So first I went to one room with a bed and a big machine. I lay down and Dr Paul and nurses are talking and everyone is light hearted and friendly. Some drops are put into your eyes to make them numb and the machine is positioned over your head and eyes. At this stage your eyes are held open a little but you don’t notice at all! They give you some little stress balls to play with to keep you occupied.

Dr Paul asks you to just look at the flashing lights. That is your only job. The machine then beeps and counts down and within seconds the first phase is complete. This phase is to create a tiny flap in your eye surface. No pain, no discomfort but your eyes feel a little blurry.

Then you are helped up to walk to the next room with a bed and similar machine. The same process happened. Flashing lights, count down and a quick beep and we are done. The second phase which is the correction is complete. There was a slight smell at that stage too. Then he cleans your eyes and put lots of drops on, followed by some trendy goggles that you have to wear for 24 hours until you see him the next day.

I felt fine! No pain no discomfort. Hubby picked me up and I went home to sleep most of the afternoon and early to bed that night. In the morning I went back of the check up. Goggles off and I could see so clearly! It was amazing! I did however have a little discomfort in my right eye, it felt like an eyelash was caught. But by the next day it was gone. Just part of the healing for some people. My left eye was perfect.

I had over 20/20 vision in my left and 20/20 in my right.

The next month you do have to be careful with rubbing eyes, no water in them and using all your drops as recommended. Its been 3 months now and every now and then my eyes get dry and red but I just use lubricating drops.

I would highly recommend it to anyone!! I even went and bought some new sunglasses to wear to celebrate and I so happy with the outcome!

Happy to answer any questions you may have!










Xavien’s Golden Safari First Birthday

Xavien’s Golden Safari First Birthday

Well I must say that this past year has flown by! I feel like I just blinked and my tiny newborn turned one. I always knew that I wanted to throw a themed party for hist first birthday. I feel like for boys you are limited with ideas!

During the year we used to take Xavi to the Zoo and I always loved the greenery, animals and being out in nature. Its something I really want to expose him to as he grows.

I also wanted something that wasn’t traditionally done for a first birthday. So the Gold Safari idea was born! A mix of greenery, animals with classy gold finishing.

I went about making mood boards before I contacted all the local Perth business to help me bring the vision to light. I choose to use small businesses run my mums, as I really wanted to support local.

I began organising everything at least 3/4 months out! I also did a lot of things myself and was very particular about every detail.

For the kids we hired a ball pit, slide, pony cycles and had stickers and zoo animal masks for them to play with. They loved the pony cycles so much! I would definitely use them again!

I didn’t want to do lolly bags for the kids so their gift boxes contained:

  • A plastic zoo animal
  • Play doh
  • Bubbles
  • Zoo Tattoo
  • Custom cookie

The masks, bubbles, stickers and tattoo were from Discount Party Supplies. They have so many different themes and party supplies on their site!

I choose Halo Events as my event/styling company and they also provided the animal props, ONE table, big balloon displays, welcome stand and all the setup. They were so incredible to work with and as always, did an amazing job.

All the other amazing businesses are listed below (Instagram handles) and I would highly recommend everyone I used and would use them again. All of them went above and beyond to help and bring the Gold Safari vision to light!

Photographer Zahra Creative

Venue @rafflesperth
Event Planner @haloevents_perth
Table Arrangements @the_bloom_box
Kids Table/Chairs @allegraandgrace
Ball pit, slide, rug @milaandchloe
Balloons @theballoonfairy
Cake and cupcakes @queenofcakesperth
Cookies @therusticteaparty
Tableware and Gift boxes @Favorlanepartyboutique
Signage @truestyledesigns
Cake topper @footandflame
Photo drop ( Leaf drop) @tleafcollections
Time Capsule ( Wooden box) @lepetitcadre
Pony Cycles @ponycycles


Travelling to Bali with a Baby

Travelling to Bali with a Baby

So I must admit that I felt a bit nervous about travelling oversees and on a plane for the first time with a baby!

Will he sleep on the flight? Will he adjust to the weather? Will it be too hot? How will I bath him? Will he cry on the plane? Will his ears hurt on take off and landing? What will he eat? Will he sleep okay?

All of these things went through my head at first. My first bit of advice is get organised and prepared. The more organised and proactive you are before you go will determine how relaxed you are when you arrive at your holiday destination.

We had the best time in Bali because I was relaxed and prepared for everything.


I booked our flights to compliment his usual nap time. When going to Bali this is generally easy to do as you have a few airlines to pick from. I chose an after lunch flight on the way there and a morning flight on the way back. This worked really well for us. He napped both times. Have enough toys and food keep the occupied. I over packed snacks and also preordered food on the flight. If you preorder food, you also get served first which is ideal. You are allowed to take food and milk to feed your baby.

  • Choose wooden ( not noisy) toys. I picked up a a few from Kmart and he loved them
  • Pack some fruit, berries, water bottle, packet snacks, sandwich and milk if you are bottle feeding
  • Pack a sleep suit, blanket and comforter on the flight
  • Pack jumper and socks in case it gets cold
  • Nappies, change mat, cream, wipes, hand sanitiser

We also booked a window and aisle in hopes no one will sit in the middle, this worked for us on the way there! I would do this again. He also loved looking out the window. Be prepared that you will be entertaining them every minute they are awake, its hard for them to be in a confined space if they are used to crawling/walking around. That’s why the toys and food come in handy.

We bough the Baby Jogger City Tour travel pram and we loved it! I also received compliments at the airport when people saw me folding it and putting it in the travel bag so easily! It held up really well on the Bali roads too. We carried ours on the plane as hand luggage. Airlines will usually check your pram and travel cot for free.



I loved staying in a villa! Xavi had so much space to crawl and play. Also at night time we could put him to sleep in the room and we were able to watch tv and unwind in the lounge or swimming pool area, without bothering him. I would definitely only stay in a villa with a baby. Thats just my preference. We used Bali Villa Escapes and stayed at the Istana Satu Villa

In bali there is a lot of convienience that can be purchased! You can hire pool fences, toys, cots, walkers, have organic food delivered, have groceries delivered etc

I used Bali Baby Hire for toys and I went to the local Bintang Supermarket to purchase bread, fruit, milk, cheese, snacks to have in the villa so he could have fresh fruit everyday. Most villas will provide this for you and a lot also have villa room service.

Although I didn’t order any meals for Xavi because he just ate what we ate and I bought some organic sachets with us, there is a great company that makes organic baby food and snacks and delivers it to you! You can find more information here Mini Muncher

I bought a box of 1.5lt water to bath Xavi in everyday. We used 1 bottle plus 2 cups of boiled water for his bath water and his bath gel. We had hired a bath tub that was delivered the night we landed. There was no issue with him getting the water in his mouth if that is a concern.



So when it comes to packing for your baby, its easy to go overboard! I thought I had packed too much but I literally used everything I packed. It also depends on when you travel to Bali. July/August has beautiful weather and towards the end of the year is hotter and humid. The villa also provided a travel cot and mosquito net ( which is a must) in Bali, but you can hire them.


  • Bonds zippy wonder suits for sleeping ( yes its hot but the aircon is cold)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleep sounds (If your baby uses them) Baby Sound Spa
  • I also bought the Adair kids room spray as we use this very night at home
  • Their teddy/blanky/comforter




  • I bought plenty of organic snacks and Only Organic Sachets, I bought enough for x3 per day ( just in case)
  • I bought a travel bowl, utensils and bibs. I loved the B.Box Range
  • I also loved the Medea Quick Clean Microwave Bags I used them at least 4 times per day to sterilise Xavi’s bottles/utensils/breast pump parts.
  • I also took my Enjo Vegetable Cloth because I literally use this everyday for his fruit



You can never have too many and they are so small they don’t take up too much room! Aim for 2-3 outfits per day! We took lots of short sleeved leg rompers, shorts, singlets, and singlet onesies!

I hope some of the above can help you and ease the stress of travelling with your bubs!

If you have any more questions please record below or see my saved stories on Instagram!










The fun world of solids!

The fun world of solids!

Firstly I find that there is alot of information available for this stage but like all the stages it can be conflicting and a confusing time for mums! Often when we feel confused, we tend to have some anxiety around the process. What to start with? Is he ready? What are the signs? Some mums tell me to wait, some mums tell me to start, my doctor says something different, start with purees or finger foods etc…

So I’m going to outline how we started, what I did and what our 6/7 month current solids/milk routine is now!

I had done a lot of research, read articles and books and I decided to start baby Xavi at 4 months of age. He was showing signs that I was looking for and he had doubled his birth weight. He was reaching for food and drinks in my hand and looking at me when I was eating or drinking. So I decided it was time to start him.

I chose to use organic produce to start with. I used pumpkin, butternut pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots and baby porridge. The first day I tried him at lunchtime and over the next few weeks we continued that. I used my finger first, then a soft tipped spoon. The amount was 1-2 teaspoons at first and then he started to take more. I fed him until he told me to stop. Signs to look for are avoiding the spoon, arching back, ignoring you, clamping their mouth shut or crying. He took to solids really well! We stopped often to give him cooled boiled water to help with constipation. Soon he had worked his way up to two feeds per day at a few teaspoons per sitting.

We unfortunately encountered constipation to which I tried all the remedies, I was unhappy after two weeks of it so I decided to stop solids and keep him on breast milk until it subsided. I did this for two weeks then I started him back. In hindsight I would not do this again, as he refused the spoon when we started so I had to go to finger foods! Xavi baby still has issues on and off with hard stools but we manage it the best we can with extra water and fruits (Prunes, Pears, Plums, Peaches etc) and probiotics.

Every baby is different, some are ready when you try them, some are not, some get constipated, some don’t, some love your cooking and some don’t. It’s all a learning curve and as long as you remember not to take it too seriously you will both have fun.

I started to add in meat and tried him on the usual allergy type foods (eggs, peanut butter, fish) before he was 6 months as the research I had done specified it may reduce their risk of allergy’s if tried before 6 months.

After the first few weeks of adding in different vegetables each day, I decided to mix it all up and get creative. I cook 90% of his food and we use organic food sachets also. I have lots of fun creating dishes for him and now what I cook myself to eat I l give him some as long as I haven’t added any salt or sugar.

We do fruit and cereal (with added iron) for breakfast, vegetables for lunch and meat/fish for dinner. He is currently on 4 hourly milk feeds

Here is a typical day:

  • 6.00am Wake and Milk feed
  • 7.00am Breakfast
  • 8.00am Nap Time
  • 10am Milk feed
  • 11.30am Lunch
  • 12.00pm Nap Time
  • 2.00pm Milk Feed
  • 3.30pm Nap Time
  • 4.30/5.00pm Dinner
  • 6pm Milk Feed
  • 6.30pm Bed

So I leave 1 hour at least between milk and solids. During the day its milk first, then solids. Before bed its solids then an expressed bottle after bath time.

This is working great for us and he is now on about 3 tablespoons of food per sitting plus 2 snacks during the day. I also give him finger foods at every sitting so he can play, eat, learn and explore textures. I steam up different fruit and vegetables, grate cheese, soft pasta etc

I hope this helps some mums out there starting out with solids!

Remember just have fun with it and enjoy the process.



12 hours to Motherhood

12 hours to Motherhood

So here it is! My birth story. To be honest I don’t really know why it took me so long to get it down! Although it could be the fact that I have a newborn! haha

I view my birth as a positive, enlightening experience that I am tremendously proud of. There were a few things that I was trying to avoid during my birthing process (Interventions) but it turns out it was all necessary to deliver Little Boo safety and soundly into my arms. I did a lot of work around birthing without fear and I’m so glad I did, as I was able to enjoy most of the experience and now look back fondly.

So I planned to have a calm, natural hypnobirth. I only really decided this in the third trimester when I discovered hypnobirthing! I did attend the classes a tad late, but nevertheless I had 4 weeks after I had finished the classes to try and master the tools. In hindsight I would recommend if this style of birthing interests you – do attend classes as early you can so you can really tune in and develop/practice the skills.

I also had a detailed birth plan, however I am a big believer in going with the flow, as labour can take many turns (and it did!)! But it was my choice if it did go to plan, I did get the experience I would like.

I chose to birth in a private hospital and I always knew that I was unable to go over the 41 week mark (my OBs rule) and to be fair I was happy with 41 weeks of carrying Little Boo!  There was also the fact that Little Boo was posterior and showed no signs of moving into the preferred birthing position.

Generally they say that babies that are posterior make for a harder more painful birth – but I didn’t buy into that! I trusted my baby, I trusted my body and I focused on being calm and positive and then the rest,  I left up to my OB.

So from 39/40 weeks I started to do all the things I could to bring in labour. Eating pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, exercise, sex, squats, hypnosis, meditation, eating dates, massage, pressure points etc. I also did everything I could to try and move Little Boo from being posterior. 40 weeks rolls around and still no sign of him coming out so my OB booked me in on Tuesday 15th August for an induction, that I really didn’t want. The reason being is, at that stage I was scared of the induction due to the fact I wanted to use my hypnobirthing techniques without pain relief to see me through my labour and I was concerned that the surges (contractions) would come on too quickly.

I woke up that day with a horrible migraine and I tried to cancel the induction by calling the hospital but we were told to come in. By the time we got there I was very emotional and in pain. My OB at first was not too happy about moving it but agreed due to the intense migraine I was suffering. The induction was moved to Thursday 17th August. He sent me home with some strong painkillers and I was told to rest.

So I did just that, I went home and slept off my migraine and relaxed at home. That evening I rechecked my hospital bag, his room, and made sure I had everything ready to go for Thursday. Hubby had to work so I ordered takeaway and watched netflix.

Little did I know that at 8.30pm Little Boo started to initiate labour! I thought I had eaten too much so I ignored the tummy cramping and went to sleep, every hour or so I woke up and went to the toilet and there was no show or waters broken so I went back to rest. Then I realised the tummy cramping was not going away but instead becoming more intense. I was so excited I jumped out of bed, put my music on, got my exercise ball and starting using my relaxation and rocking techniques to breathe through the surges. I was also timing them on my phone to keep track. At 1pm I rang hubby who was on his way home and he said “Are you in Labour” and I and “YES”. We rang the hospital to advise them and then I told him to go to bed to get some sleep, as I knew I was a fair way off.

3.30am at I was in and out of a hot shower and I knew it was time to go to the hospital. I woke up hubby and told him that it was go time. I was still very much in my zone of relaxation and feeling positive, although the surges were now getting stronger I was thinking how on earth would I be able to sit in the car!

We made it to the hospital and checked in, I had asked for a room with a bath and requested midwives that support hypnobirthing. It was now 4.30am.

Now I had opted for no vaginal examinations and no talking so I could remain in my “zone” so that it could help me breathe through the surges without pain relief. However it all went a bit haywire!

The midwife checked me and said I was only 4cm dilated after 8 hours of breathing through surges, which were now very intense. I felt disappointed. At that moment I felt doubtful that I could keep going with my plan. She offered to run me a bath, which I agreed, however it was not hot enough and it was not helping me relax. So next was a hot shower. At this stage she told me I would have another 6 hours to go, and it was at that moment I was thrown out of my mindset and “doubt” had taken over. There was no way I could handle the intensity for another 6 hours! The surges were coming every 3 minutes and literally taking my breath away, and it was taking all my energy and focus to get through them. So I did what I didn’t want to do and asked for an epidural. She told me that the anaesthetist was 45 minutes away.

By the time he got there it was an hour and I was still in the shower. The hot water was my pain relief and I had my hypnosis/relaxation tracks which were on repeat. Hubby was in and out being an amazing support person and doing everything he could to help me.

Then the anaesthetist arrived and the process was started. Little did I know that it takes a good half hour for that! By this time it was 6.30am.

I did not feel the epidural go in at all! Then something interesting happened. The surges were as intense as ever and were showing no signs of easing. So I asked him when it would work? He said it could take 15-20 mins. By that time my OB had arrived and came in to break my water. He also bought with him another midwife and bright lights! Luckily I already had a flannel over my eyes to keep myself somewhat in the dark and relaxed. I had my eyes closed pretty much from when I arrived at the hospital until the very end! That was one thing in my control. It really helped me to remain calm and go with the flow.

Half hour passed by and the surges were becoming more intense. I asked if he had put any drugs in and he said it should be working! So guess what? It wasn’t! All of that for nothing! “Brilliant” I thought to myself and then I just focused on breathing and being in the present moment. It was 7.30am and I was 8/9 cm dilated and my body decided it was time to push.

This part was amazing! The body is incredible. Little Boo was working so hard on the inside and I was doing my best to help him. I did the second thing I didn’t want to do and that was birth on my back. But it was 11 hours of labour and I was one tired Mumma-to-be. So I went with the flow and listened to the voices instruct me on the outside (my OB and midwives) even though I couldn’t see them. There was one midwife that was in my ear and helping me to “breathe” through the surges and helping me ride them up and down. She was a godsend.

My body was pushing in waves automatically and I was verbalising the surges without me even trying and every inch of my body was pushed to the limit as I did my best to help Little Boo come earth side. 45 mins into active pushing and my OB needed to intervene. “Great” I thought – “what now”? The third thing I didn’t want to happen – an episiotomy. Much to my surprise – I didn’t feel a thing! Then Little Boo was still having trouble so out came the suction. I found out later that he was still posterior and he had a short cord! Those two things were working against us, so no amount of pushing or breathing would have helped without the suction or episiotomy. I said do whatever you need to do to deliver my baby safely.

It was then it all moved quickly.

I gave birth to my Little Boo at 8.34am after a 12-hour labour. I hypnobirthed through a majority of it and up until the last minute I had my eyes closed and was as focused as I would ever be. I was so focused I didn’t want to take of the flannel from my eyes until he was in my arms but I heard everyone yelling me to “Look” “Look your baby is here”. I will never forget watching him meet the world and being plonked onto my chest. I think I was in shock. I just remember feeling so proud, so relived and I was so in awe of him and of what I had just done.

He latched right away and stayed there on me for 90 minutes so I could bond with him. During that time I was stitched up (again that didn’t hurt either) and I birthed the placenta and it was a few hours before I was able to have a shower and get into my room.

By the time we got to our room, the enormity of what had happened dawned on me. I was a Mumma, I had carried, nurtured and birthed this little human. I would never be the same again and I knew then, that I was reborn also. I was so overwhelmed by love and affection I could not stop staring at him all night and every night since then.

And that was the day my whole world changed.





Nursery Drawer Organisation

Nursery Drawer Organisation

There is so many ways you can organise drawers! For me personally I spent quite a bit of time deliberating the best way to do so. If you know me by now, you would know I do go through quite a process before I execute!

This was no different. I planned out what was going where and how the flow looked and felt to me and if it was going to bring ease into my life ( which is the most important factor).

My way may no suit everyone but I hope it gives you some inspiration or ideas if you don’t know where to start!

I decided to purchase my drawers separately, for a few reasons. First being they will be stored in my walk in robe and not on display in the nursery. Second the drawers that matched my cot and change table were nearly 10 times the price! So I went with IKEA and put them together myself ( If you managed to watch my insta story at the time it was a frustrating but empowering exercise).

What I used:

x 2 MALM Chest of Drawers IKEA

x 6 SKUBB Drawer Dividers  IKEA

x 1 Pack Clear Mailing Labels ( If you want to label your drawers and/or Dividers ) Officeworks

x 4 Large Storage Baskets ( Use to store Nappies/Large size clothing/Bits and Pieces) Kmart

Chest of Drawers No.1 :

  1. Sleep/Dream Suits and bibs
  2. Socks, mittens and hats
  3. Newborn
  4. Wonder suits/All in ones
  5. Tops/Sets/Shoes
  6. Pants/Shorts

The first set of drawers are all clothing items. I decided to do a Newborn drawer to help make the first month easier – so I literally only use one drawer. Inside I have used the dividers to seperate by type of clothing. Singlets/basics/wonder-suits/sets.

With the other drawers I have gone by type of clothing, then into size and used the drawer dividers to label them for ease.

The dividers are great and you can change out the sizes easily and the labels are easily pulled off and transferred.

When little boo is out of his newborn clothes I will use that drawer for Sets ( for example) and go by size, like I have for the other drawers. Of course the clothing selection will get bigger so eventually it may be one drawer per type and you can opt out of using the dividers. They easily unzip and lay flat when not in use.

Chest of Drawers No.2 :

  1. Towels
  2. Face washers/ Burp cloths
  3. Blankets
  4. Linen ( For Cot/ Bassinet and Change table)
  5. Baby Carriers
  6. Storage

These ones are pretty self explanatory. I used the drawer dividers for the linen drawer so I can easily identify the differences. The last 2 drawers I have used for things like instructions/warranties/gifts that can’t be used as yet etc..

Hope this helps you! All in all think about how it works to make it easy for you and have FUN!







Hospital Bag Essentials

Hospital Bag Essentials

After adding and subtracting things for weeks I have finally packed my hospital bag!

To be honest Im taking a suitcase…..let me explain. I literally can’t sleep anywhere without my pillow! So that takes up one side already! I was always travelling for work and even if it was 2-3 nights stopover I would take my suitcase.

So its coming with me to the hospital! Now I tend to be a tad over organised and there may be some things that I may not use, however I am a believer in better to have and not use it, than to miss it.

The other thing to take in account is, Im not sure what path my birth may take, so I have enough to last me for 5 nights ( just in case).

That being said, if you want to go light – there will always be friends and family that can bring you things to the hospital.

I’ll link below some of the chosen items that I bought, that I will also be using postpartum.

I will also be taking in a small bag for the birthing suite, this is made up of some of the below, but mainly a change of clothes ( For after birth and shower), oils and flameless candle for birthing, snacks, laptop for hypnosis tracks, phone and charger ( will be on flight mode).

For Me:

x 10 Underwear Kmart

x 3 Maternity Bras B Free Australia

x 2 Sleep Bras

x 2 Wooly socks

x 3 Tights/comfy pants

x 1 Breast-feeding singlet Kmart

x 2 Comfy tops

x 2 Robe/Wraps from Bras and Things and Francis and Henry

x 1 Support Belly Band Mamaway

x 1 Button down sleep shirt Peter Alexander

x 1 PJ set Peter Alexander

For Baby:

x 4 Zippy Rompers Best and Less and Bonds

x 1 Swaddle Up Love to Dream

x 5 Singlets

x 1 Beanie and mittens

x 2 Socks

x 1 Muslin Wrap Aden and Anais

x 1 Blanket Anarkid




Extra soft toilet paper and wet wipes

Travel Hair Dryer


x 2 Packs Maternity Pads

x 10 Breast Pads

Homemade Perineum spray and Essential Oil sprays for Labor

Laptop and changer

Snacks and Aquamamma




Busy Mum’s Fried Rice

Busy Mum’s Fried Rice

Here is a quick and easy fried rice recipe for when it’s one of those days! I also love that I can load this dish up with veggies!

Xavi loves it!


1 tub 40sec brown/white rice

1 pack instant frozen vegetables

1 onion

1/2 teaspoon crushed garlic

1 fried egg cut up

2 handfuls of protein ( chicken/beef/tofu)

Splash soy sauce


Cook vegetables in the microwave for 2.5 minutes

Cook rice in the microwave for 40 seconds

Fry egg and cut up

Fry onion and garlic then add the rice and vegetables

Add in protein of your choice! I fried up chicken with some soy sauce and honey

Mix all together and serve!

You can have so many different variations!

Mini Chia Puddings

Mini Chia Puddings

Im loving anything coconut these days! So mini chia puddings are my go to for a healthy dessert, day time snack or breakfast!

You will need;

  • 1 can of coconut milk
  • 5 tbls organic chia seeds
  • 1 tbls agave
  • 1 ts organic vanilla extract
  • 1 mango ( or your chosen topping)
  1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl
  2. Leave for 5 mins and then mix again and seperate into 3-4 mini bowls or 1 big one if you choose!
  3. You can either add in your mango now to set within your pudding or once it has set you can add fresh on-top.
  4. I put in the fridge overnight or you can make in the morning and enjoy at dinner time

Note: I use 1 mango for 3-4 mini bowls and I also add in coconut flakes on top, however you can add any toppings you like! Some of my favourites are;

  • Dried blueberries and apricots
  • Dates and coconut
  • Mixed berries
  • Strawberries


A note on why Chia is amazing for you!

Chia seeds are a superfood! They are high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein, dietary fibre and Omega 3 ALA. The 9 things that Chia can help you with is:

  1. Skin and aging
  2. Digestive health
  3. Heart health
  4. Dental health
  5. Boosts energy and metabolism
  6. Helps fight diabetes
  7. Helps build muscle and lose weight
  8. Helps build stronger bones
  9. Helps fight breast and cervical cancer

Just 9 reasons to enjoy this yummy desert even more!